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What an exciting time! 

You have just brought your new puppy home - he's so cute and lovable that you just want to play with him and cuddle him.

It won't be long before he has grown into an adult dog.  Behaviours that may seem cute in a puppy may be dangerous in a full grown dog. It is much easier to train a dog to do what you want before he has learned something undesirable.

Having done the wrong things myself, I can say from experience DON'T WAIT to start training your puppy!   Training your dog is essential if you are to have a well behaved dog that is a pleasure to live with.


The first 16 weeks of a dog's life (that's only 4 months!) are a critical learning period. To have a well trained dog you must start as soon as you get him home.

Make sure you get the whole family involved as it is just as much about training you as training your puppy.

Using positive communication techniques takes a lot of practice and repetition for it to become second nature. Consistancy is key to your dog having a good understanding of what is expected of him.

Before you bring your puppy home research dog training programs available. Ask your vet for recommendations. Call the trainer and ask what methods they use, ask if you can sit in on a training session to see if you like how they handle the dogs and their owners.


I strongly suggest that if you have never attended a dog training class that you should do so. There is merit in watching someone work with dogs and having them there to correct you and to answer your questions. If you have successfully trained dogs before, a few good books or videos may be all you need to bring back those dog training skills.


We have articles that deal with various aspects of puppy training that can help refresh your memory. We also have the latest news related to dog training. This feature is updated regularly so be sure to check back often.

We are currently reviewing some of the video, audio and printed products that are available over the internet. When we find one that we believe has something good to offer dog owners, we will review it for you to help you decide if it might be right for you.